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10-Dec-2016 04:04

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If you try to obtain a value from the new record, you receive the following error message: Cause: If a query does not include all columns that are included in a unique index, you cannot add new values by using the query.

Resolution: Ensure that all columns included in at least one unique index are part of the query.

In Access, the tables appear with a "linked" icon, which is a globe with an arrow pointing to it.

When you open a table in Access, the data is retrieved using a keyset cursor.

The first one is NEVER use a combination of linked tables with local tables in your queries.

Instead download the server side tables as temp tables in your app or upsize your local tables to SQL Server and do the processing on the server in it’s entirety.

Note Your Access tables remain in Access, but are not updated together with SQL Server or SQL Azure updates.

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Resolution: Run the following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code before accessing the identity field: Cause: When you add a record to a SQL Server or SQL Azure table by using VBA, if the table's unique index field has a default value and you do not assign a value to that field, the new record does not appear until you reopen the table in SQL Server or SQL Azure.Important To link access tables with an Azure database, you need SQL Server Native Client(SNAC) version 10.5 or above.