Accommodating children with special needs in school

27-Jun-2017 11:25

You will have to demonstrate that more than £6000 worth of support is required in order to get an Education, Health and Care assessment., by either the parents or the child’s school, for them to carry out an Education, Health and Care needs assessment.This figure is made up of a standard amount of £4,000 allocated to every pupil and then an additional £6,000 to provide SEN support.If after the school have exhausted that budget at the Additional SEN Support stage the child’s needs are still not being adequately met then a parents next option would be to pursue an Education, Health and Care Plan for their child.During this review stage the impact and quality of the support in place should be evaluated and the views of the parents and child should again be sought.This review process should feed back to part 1 of the cycle and the needs should again be assessed and the cycle should flow through again with any changes needed to the support provided being implemented.Every school is required to have systems in place to identify children who are in need of support and to assess, monitor and secure appropriate support for any SEN they may have.Under paragraph 6.2 of the Special Educational Needs and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years each school must: Schools are also required to involve parents in the process.

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These will be listed in the EHCP and should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound in line with the SMART framework. The four part cycle is as follows: This is when a child’s class or subject teacher along with the school’s SENCO work together to carry out a clear analysis of a child’s needs.Additionally, the National Curriculum determines the assessment methods that are used to measure children's progress." class="glossary Link " If a child is identified as struggling with their school work, and it is determined that this is being caused by a child’s underlying SEN, it may be necessary for a school to intervene to provide additional support for that child.This support should be provided through a process known as Additional SEN Support.This is designed to help remove any barriers the child has to learning and put in place provision that will enable that child to benefit fully from their education.

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This support should be provided through a repeated four part cycle known as the graduated approach.It establishes the subjects taught and the knowledge, skills and understanding required for each subject.

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