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About the same time a number of Germans established themselves near Frederick, Maryland, and between South Mountain and the Conococheague.

The first German settlement in South Carolina was in 1731, at Purysburg on the Savannah.

Between 17 the German immigration to Pennsylvania became so large as to be looked upon by the other settlers with serious misgivings; Logan, Penn's secretary, suggested the danger of the province becoming a German colony, as the Germans "settled together, and formed a distinct people from His Majesty's subjects".

As early as 1739, a German newspaper was published at Germantown, and another appeared at Philadelphia in 1743.

These early immigrants founded Germantown, Pennsylvania, where they soon built themselves a church and established a school, taught by Pastorius, who wrote for it, and published, a primer, the first original school-book printed in Pennsylvania.

To this place came the German settlers who gradually spread over Montgomery, Lancaster, and Berks Counties, among them, the so-called Rosicrucians (settled near Germantown), a colony of German Friends, Quaker converts made by William Ames and visited by Penn (founded Cresheim, from Kreigsheim near Worms), and the Dunkers (Conestoga, Aphrata). In 1707, a small band of Lutherans, from the Palatinate, embarked for America.

Another, and far more extensive, migration took place in the same year and the following; about three thousand Palatines landed in America, by way of England.By the middle of the eighteenth century the mountain counties of North Carolina had numerous German settlements.Meantime, the Moravians, who in 1736 had settled in Georgia, had left that colony and secured a tract of land in Pennsylvania, to which they gave the name of Bethlehem. More than twenty years earlier, German settlers had established themselves on the lower Mississippi.Their number was little increased during the next sixty years, since the great immigration period did not begin until about the year 1840.

Among those who came to the United States before 1830 was Franz Lieber, accompanied by his two friends, Professors Carl Beck and Carl Follen.Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .