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Roughly 2,000 years later, as hunting and fishing techniques improved, the population increased significantly.The native people who inhabited Simi Valley spoke an interior dialect of the Chumash language, called Ventureño.The Rocketdyne division developed a variety of liquid rocket engines.Rocket engine tests were frequently heard in Simi Valley.It is now a California Historical Landmark and on the U. The expedition traversed the valley on January 13–14, 1770, traveling from Conejo Valley to San Fernando Valley.They camped near a native village in the valley on the 14th.) Spanish land grant in eastern Ventura and western Los Angeles counties given in 1795 to Francisco Javier Pico and his two brothers, Patricio Pico and Miguel Pico by Governor Diego de Borica.There was also a great deal of destruction caused by a flood in 1952.The city incorporated as Simi Valley in 1969, when the area had only 10,000 residents.

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The youth camp/home facility is based on an older larger one in Boys Town, Nebraska.

For a brief time, its postal address was known as Simiopolis, though it was soon shortened again to Simi by 1910.

The first public school was built in 1890 in the northeast but was torn down in 1926.

Other areas containing Chumash Native American pictographs in the Simi Hills are for instance by Lake Manor and Chatsworth.

Simi Adobe-Strathearn House was the headquarters of Rancho Simi, one of the largest land grants in Alta California by Spain. The first Europeans to visit Simi Valley were members of the Spanish Portolá expedition (1769–1770), the first European land entry and exploration of the present-day state of the eponymous valley, is in the southeast corner of Ventura County, California, United States.

Memorable moments including Kalon's arrival by helicopter, Travis's carrying an ostrich egg and Jef's skateboard throwing at the entrance of the mansion.… continue reading »

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