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It was designed primarily to recover plist files from unallocated clusters but can also be used to recover plists embedded in other files (records or entries). One of the most common reasons for wanting to examine these files is to determine the original name and path of files/folders in the Trash folder.

Importing customer contextual data enables you to integrate your enterprise or third-party database of whitelisted, blacklisted, and watchlisted hashes as you extract, transform, and load data to the analytics data warehouse. Use this En Script to extract files into separate folders based on extension.

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This En Script will search for, and bookmark, ZIP-file index-entries.

It will export all record properties (fields values) to Excel. This En Script mounts all SYSTEM registries found in the current evidence, parses the Application Compatility Cache registry key and output the result onto the console, bookmarks and tab-delimited CSV file.