Adult text chat lines

20-May-2017 19:19

She took the butt plug and handed over a collar with a three or four inch rubber cock facing inward. My mother always taught me to respect women, this woman was most definitely not being respected. Scrubbing forward a little, I see she finally gets her prize and moves to the next guy.

"The neighbors have been complaining about the screams so I figured this would mute you." The guy tells her and then proceeds to jam the rubber cock in her mouth then buckle the collar up around her head to keep it in place. The black guy walks away at this time, leaving the dildo halfway in her arse.

Opening on a video that automatically started to play. She's letting them fuck her in the arse but that's too dirty for me to do it? When it changes next, the original three move to the couch.

The video opened with a woman on her knees with her arms tied behind her back in front of a man. Preferring the younger girls in one on one situations. Glints from around her arsehole drew him to notice that she had a butt plug firmly buried in her arse. The brutal attack on her face continued until guy grabbed ahold of her hair with both hands now. The fearless ringleader announces, "Okay slut, you have two minutes for each of us to get us off otherwise there will be punishments." My wife is quick to devour the dick on the left and is quickly forcing herself up and down on it.

I stared at the phone until the screen went black then unlocked the phone and did it over again. She's making porn videos, so she's not even afraid I'll see she being a slut, cheating. Watching as the first guy replaces the cock gag with his dick, so my wife is airtight.

Was this some kind of spam with the sender looking for access to my phone somehow? Maybe tonight she'd be home before ten and they could talk. Even on the weekends she seemed to have things to do and places to be. Watching as when they are done the other woman comes on screen to lap up the cum from my wife's arse and cunt to then feed it back to her via a kiss.

Not that I can see but they are lining up her arse with his dick and once they have it. After the what I'd seen so far it looked gentle but it was far from that. Fluids gush out of her cunt with the pebble thing riding the wave.

The camera was good enough to capture the woman's eyes that they bugged out when the dick sank into her. Bouncing off the floor before settling at her left foot.

Dragging the woman to the couch, he then positions her so that she's over the guy sitting there. Pure force, she screams but that's muted by the gag in her mouth. She's still got a hole free." The guy says to the dick on the left, who then walks to the center of the scene and then lines up his cock with the woman's cunt and slams forward, not stopping until he's balls deep. We then see her turning a dial on the box that the wire leads to from one extreme to another. Trying hard to keep her mouth and hands on the guy's dick. She's failing to do it and then suddenly stiffens like she's been frozen before than losing all control of his body.

Or was this someone trying to let me know something? My wife told me that was part of my problem these days. The problem with a busy work week she would tell me when I'd ask. Next these two black guys appear and they spit roast her.

That I didn't just make my mind up and stick with it. I tapped the link and the phone's web browser sprung to life. Watching her rock back and forth between their bodies is too much and so I move on.

One of the black guys now comes back on camera and shoves his dick straight into her arse and then pounds the living shit out of her. Minutes later, he shoots his load and the other black guy replaces him and repeats the process.

Once that second guy spends his load, this fat white guy comes on and sticks his dick into my wife's arse and starts to pound away at her.

The video finally ends when my wife cums, squirting all over the carpet. Scrubbing through the other videos, I started to make a list of the people in them. I could identify three of them as people my wife worked with.

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