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24-Sep-2017 19:08

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While the numbers may startle you, remind yourself you are taking the first step to making positive and significant change.

The best way to start tracking spending is to go over bills and simply list every item purchased.

You just have to account for it, and if necessary, cut back in other places.

The purpose of a budget is to give your money a direction and a purpose.

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You might market one-time expenses like a home repair as a “Misc” for miscellaneous.Drawing up a budget is not nearly as abysmal a task as consumers make it out to be.You can still go out to dinner and a movie or play a round of golf with friends or go to the beach for a weekend.Mounting debts can undermine borrowers’ well-being and even derail their life plans.

The metaphors commonly used in describing it – quicksand, a prison sentence, overwhelming burden – paint a bleak picture that feels like it will last a lifetime. Good debt, called leverage, is money that you borrow to finance an appreciating investment.

Creating and sticking to a budget is one of the surest ways to help you get out of debt.

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