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Allowing herself to be vulnerable, Carla whisks Hank off so that they can have some privacy.

After they take off, the Coach however lets slip that Hank is indeed hiding a secret from everyone that could really affect if Hank and Carla should really get together.

By morning, news was out that the two lovers were in hospital receiving treatment. “We have done a song together and we were to scout the location (for a video shoot) before we could head home.

Then the accident happened and we were admitted in hospital.” Timmy, who had bruises on his arms and had to undergo a scan on his chest, was the worse off, with Kush only experiencing shock.

Because of Hank's secret, Carla, regardless, believes she will forever ... Norm pulls out his calculator and determines he'll have to cut his drinking back by 8.7% to stay within his "suds budget".

With this info one can deduce the trivial fact that Sam raised the price from .85 to .10.

I feel sorry for Cheryl Campbell and the rest of the cast as they try to make this limp affair interesting. Somewhat better; I feel more at home with these characters and Sinead Cusack is very watchable as an American in England. Wonderful story, excellent acting from Eileen Atkins and the rest.

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After a few dates where things go very well, Carla ceremoniously dumps Hank. Sam finds out that the only thing that Carla and Hank haven't done is make love, Carla hesitant because this issue may be his one major fault.

Hank, a newcomer to Cheers, has the hots for Carla, but Carla won't give him an inch.