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Most of these niches were filled by bison, which were becoming smaller and more mobile in order to be more effective in the drier climate. Around the time that the larger game disappeared, nomadic hunters shifted from Clovis-style spear points and arrowheads to the smaller Folsom points and heads, which were used until about 8000 b.c.

Like more recent Native peoples, Folsom hunters and their successors depended heavily upon the bison and relied upon the more sophisticated social organization necessary for group hunting.

Such organization allowed for the creation and use of "buffalo jumps," a large funnel of trees, rocks, poles, and people designed to channel stampeding bison over a cliff.

Plains hunters used buffalo jumps like the Head-Smashed-In site in southwestern Alberta as early as 5,500 years ago.

From 2004 to 2008, the immediate prerecession period, the peak rate was .088, and in the recession-and-after period, from 2008 to 2012, the peak rate further came down to .075, it said.

In an op-ed in The Christian Post in April, contributor Jennifer Murff analysed why millennial women are choosing to delay marriage.

Some scholars assert that the Sioux peoples originated in the Great Lakes region and only began moving onto the Plains in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Many Lakotas, however, trace the origins of their people to Wind Cave in the Black Hills and suggest that they were simply in the middle of a long, slow migration home after living elsewhere for a time.

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"Unlike previous generations that married young, the average college graduate is entering the workforce with an average of ,000 of student loan debt.

Although some peoples came to the Plains earlier than others, Native Americans have lived there for a long time.