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Five documents ranging from 2006-2004 resulted from the ERIC database.

The Pub Med’s database search resulted in 14 documents ranging from 2006-2004.

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The REHABDATA search resulted in 16 documents ranging from 2005-2003.Furthermore, both assessment scales reflected the changes in impairment and functional limitation over time in a similar way. Characterizing speech and language pathology outcomes in stroke rehabilitation. NARIC Accession Number: J50101 ABSTRACT: Study describes the outcomes associated with speech-language pathology (SLP) services provided during stroke rehabilitation among patients with aphasia, based on data from the Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes Project (PSROP), a multi-site study of stroke rehabilitation outcomes. Stroke impairment predictors of discharge function, length of stay, and discharge destination in stroke rehabilitation. NARIC Accession Number: J49434 ABSTRACT: Study examined the relationship between stroke-related impairments and rehabilitation outcomes.The findings suggest that the scores one scale can be predicted from the other in the acute and subacute phases of stroke. Data were analyzed for 397 patients receiving post-stroke SLP services at 5 inpatient rehabilitation facilities participating in the PSROP. The relationship between number of stroke risk factors and recurrence of strokes during rehabilitation was also evaluated.Learning outcomes: As a result of this activity, the reader will obtain information about the debate surrounding the role of subcortical language mechanisms and be provided with new information on the comparative picture description abilities of individuals with known vascular and degenerative subcortical pathologies and healthy control participants.

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De Witte, Lieve, Wilssens, Ineke, Engelborghs, Sebastian, De Deyn, Peter P., & Peter Marien. Impairment of Syntax and Lexical Semantics in a Patient with Bilateral Paramedian Thalamic Infarction. ERIC #: EJ724331 ABSTRACT: Bilateral vascular thalamic lesions are rare.

Information Specialists at the National Rehabilitation Information Center field requests on a wide range of disability rehabilitation issues.

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