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Favorite WWE Superstars: Triple H: The sexiest man alive! Conner and Kira have always danced around each other, but after a very public break up, with Krista, Conner realizes that it's Kira he wants. But former rangers will be brought back together when an enemy from the past returns and his evil empire threatens to destroy all they love. What would've happened if Elliot had seen Olivia in the sexy "hooker outfit" she wore to conduct surveillance in "Strain" (7x05)? Back Street Boys' "How Did I Fall In Love With You? He wrapped his arms around her petite frame and held her close. Victoria has had it with her husband, Steven Richards. Finished Tina leaves her job to get away from her abusive exhusband in hopes that he won't find her and will leave her alone. Later Chapters: Elliot divorces Kathy after finding out she's been cheating, where does that leave Olivia and Elliot?

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I still like him even after the stunt he and Sharmell pulled! During those times, she finds love in the most unexpected places and struggles to avoid many occurrences that could destroy everything she's worked for- especially the ones placing her life in fatal danger. Andros and Ashley go to her aunt's cabin in the mountains north of Angel Grove for a weekend getaway. Fate takes an unexpected turn when they learn they are expecting a baby. My hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and go to the movies. I'm currently working and I'm done with school but I always find the time to write and listen to music. I've been doing this since I was 11 years old and I was hooked from the moment I picked up a pen and paper and started writing. However, neither Kira nor Conner were prepared for where that path would take them... AU set twelve years after "Free Willy 3: The Rescue" and eleven years after "Countdown to Destruction." Five Ranger couples and their children go to San Juan Island for a ten-day camping trip. What happens when they meet Jesse, Nadine, Randolph, Rae, and Willy? Set a week after "Changing of the Zords." Kim confides in Tommy about her grief over the possibility of her time as a Power Ranger coming to an end. After the Mondo's last stand Rocky is still feeling like the other Rangers don't need him. And a prophecy that the crimson Phoenix will rise to lead them reveals Hunter's true origin and destiny. Naturally, in my version of events, lots of smutty goodness ensues. What has Jason Lee Scott done in the passing years not as a Ranger, The Dino Thunder Team is dead, a new alien threat, the US Government, and Tommy's death..does it have to do with TFZ? But what happens when he finds out that she has fallen for a certain Animal in the WWE. Instead of saying no to Olivia's offer to go out and eat, Elliot says yes. My family includes me, my mother and my 27 year old brother, Daniel. He's also serving our country because he's in the Navy and he's now working at a hospital in North Carolina. A power and bond that he destroyed alerts Aisha to his pain. Cammy, who had been one of the children at the event, would have been caught in the explosion. Can he accept the weight of destiny on his shoulders? With the fate of a kingdom resting on her shoulders, Kimberly must choose the right man to be her husband and Champion, to wield the sacred Power of her bloodline... Eventually EO and I rated it 'R' for later chapters! Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail' featuring Dick Van Dyke (as Rob Petrie) and Mary Tyler Moore (as laura Petrie.). Dick Van Dyke (Rob Petrie), and Carl Reiner as eccentric artist Serge Carpetna. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images) LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 20: THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW episode: 'Laura's Little Lie'.

Featuring Dick Van Dyke (as Rob Petrie) and Mary Tyler Moore (as Laura Petrie). (Photo by CBS via Getty Images) LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 20: THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW episode: 'Laura's Little Lie'.

Pair-ups imminent (most likely Billy x Kimberly or, rather, "Kim Biilly;" also, hints of Jason x Trini a.k.a. When a nameless evil invades Earth, killing everything in its path, the first eleven Power Rangers must face an enemy beyond anything they've ever encountered; and this time, saving the planet may cost some of them their lives."You can come with me if you want, but not one word until we're finished." Trini poked Jason hard in the chest. Amanda accuses Olivia and Trevor of having history, what if she was right about them and that it ran deeper then she realized and that everyone knew about it except for her and Nick. After being partners for ten years, Elliot and Olivia finally take their partnership/friendship to the next level. and put a stop to it before Rita's newest monster wreaks havoc on Angel Grove. Tommyx Kim, Jasonx Trini Nightmares are plaguing Jason when he receives news of a near-tragedy. Will these two remember the love they once shared or will hatred take over them both? Emily Hart is the daugther of Bret Hart and in an abusive relationship with a superstar. She thought Chris was insane when he told her everything. Someone’s still out there watching her or is Chris alive? After suffering 6 years of abuse from her mother Lanelle and her step dad Bryan, Alyssa decides to run away and find her father. REPOST Also includes Randy Orton, Greg OC, Trish, John, Eddie, Paul, Candice & many more Set after DT graduates: Tommy recieves a call from two people he hasn't seen in years, and a reunion of six rangers is organized. The only problem is, she's too late in telling him how she really feels.