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04-Apr-2017 14:59

Such Vedic martial arts like Kalari remain popular in South India to the present day, though many others have probably been lost in the course of time.

Dhanur literally means a bow, so archery was one of these martial arts.

This plays into stereotypes of India as not having strong martial or military traditions, some arising from the recent emphasis on Gandhi ahimsa in the country.

Several scholars of modern Yoga have proposed something of this kind.

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These are attributed an Indian origin to Bodhidharma, who came from the famous city of Kanchipuram, not far from modern Chennai.The same situation existed in China and the rest of Asia that also had slower or more internalizing forms of exercise like Yoga or Tai Chi, which did not mean that they did not also have stronger exercise approaches as well. India has a great heritage of its Kshatriya, its martial, military, aristocratic or princely class, just as most of the world had until recent times.