Auto updating table of contents in word 2016

23-Sep-2017 07:59

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Font (in older versions of Word) or use the tools on the Home tab (in newer versions of Word).And don't use the font size or bold buttons on the toolbar or ribbon. To modify the Table of Contents itself, you need to display the Table of Contents dialog.

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In the same way, apply the Heading 1 style to other major headings in your document.That will take us to the familiar Format Paragraph dialog box: We can repeat the same steps for any other TOC entries that need adjusting, but you get the idea, right?We can check our progress when we get back to the Table of Contents dialog box: Notice how the Print Preview window (circled in red) has changed from the first time we saw it.The creator of Shauna, Shauna Kelly, passed away peacefully on Wednesday November 16, 2011 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

If you are requesting permission to re-use any information on this site, then you may do so with appropriate acknowledgement of her work.Apply the Heading 2 style to sub-headings, Heading 3 style to sub-sub-headings etc.