Barney and robin start dating

15-Jun-2017 11:50

The one person not happy for Barney is Robin, who, despite stating that she is no longer in love with Barney herself, doesn't understand Barney and Patrice's pairing.

Robin believes that if she can get a hold of Barney's playbook and show it to Patrice, Patrice in turn will dump Barney for seeing who he really is.

A further action by Judy may make Lily change her mind ...

When Robin is looking for the Playbook, it is revealed that moving the arm of Barney's Stormtrooper costume causes the playbook to descend from the roof.

Robin, can't sleep because there's something on her mind that she can't stop thinking about.

This episode was contrived to give Robin a chance to doubt his intentions, and seem crazy for doing it, and then the farce continues out until Robin’s jealousy makes her realize her true feelings for Barney. Let’s jump back to just last season, when Barney forces all of his friends to swear a “broath” on the Bro Code (his personal equivalent to the Bible).

Robin is eventually given an intervention for her involvement in Barney and Patrice’s “relationship”, but she was in the right the whole time. He makes each of them promise not to interfere with his life, UNLESS: In “The Over-Correction” it is clear that Ted, Lily, and Marshall are in direct violation of their sworn upon broath to Barney, because they didn’t attempt to interfere with the most heinous of scenarios: Barney hooking up with an overweight woman.

Note: This story only recognizes up to the legitimate canon ending in 9.22.

"Well, I wouldn't start looking for new girlfriends in pharmacies," Tracy jokes, except that Barney totally does.

The broath that Barney drafted clearly shows that getting “up on a fatty” is on the same level as a potential threat to his health and/or our national security.