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03-Apr-2017 15:00

However, in the early stages of the harvest, we had some cloudy weather and warmer nights which caused that slight delay."I am a baking machine these days; the kids love it and we are gonna be the envy of the PTA bake sale.

I was thrilled to spend this past Saturday creating festive Cranberry White Chocolate Haystacks and White Chocolate Cranberry Chews.

“We hope that visitors take away an understanding of the cranberry industry and how important it is to the area,” says Linda Burke, A. Makepeace’s vice president of marketing and communications.

The festival attracts visitors from all over the world, including several countries in both Europe and Asia, and also showcases local growers and harvesters, such as Decas Cranberry and Blue Water Farms. Although Ocean Spray, along with the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association, is a co-sponsor of the festival, Justin and Henry will not be in attendance.

Now, cranberry bogs in Massachusetts account for 30 percent of the global cranberry acreage and nearly 7,000 jobs locally. Makepeace Company Headquarters at Tihonet Village in Warham for the 13th annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration. Makepeace is the world’s largest cranberry producer and has been operating for 160 years.

When I decided to team up with Decas Cranberry for a delicious cranberry recipe, it took me forever to decide what to make.

I went back and forth between raw vegan cranberry cheesecake, cranberry orange loaf, cranberry waffles, maple cranberry sauce and on and on and on.

Paradise Meadows has made using them more convenient and tastier with two new products: their Cooking & Baking Cranberries and their Whole Jumbo Cranberries.

The former come precut in a julienne, which means no more dealing with the sticky task of chopping them. The latter, with their larger size and supple texture (thanks in part to a different processing procedure), are perfect in salads and stuffings (or for topping our cornbread French toast).

So it’s only fitting that there’s an entire weekend devoted to the celebration of Massachusetts’ state berry. Cranberry harvests usually start in mid-September and end by early November, so the festival takes place right in the heart of harvest season. The Ocean Spray Cooperative, a co-sponsor of the festival, was founded by John Makepeace, a descendent of Abel D. Visitors will get a sneak peak into how cranberries are harvested and watch live cooking demonstrations from Johnson & Wales students and chefs.