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15-Apr-2017 00:14

I said please check out the reviews on this company yourself and see the scam it is. Take care Hi: Please read Terms and conditions" I have "copy and paste" for you to read.

They emailed back and said they would take no further action. The only hope for you:is to write a letter "certify" to the manager: To Luxemberg (address below)and form.

Now these people are going me for a full subscription 7.. They are fraudulent online scam to lure people to join them. Within 5 days of signing up I tried to exit, looked for non smoking slim 35 to 48 females and received males smoking aged 58, no relevance to the search criteria what so ever, closest profile 300 kms away in a smaller town than the one i live in, I altered my search criteria significantly to try and stop the false profile coming through, requests to stop profiles being sent have been ignored for close 4 weeks now as of Sept 6 and still receiving profiles Oct 5th 2017. I am now in the process of trying to get my funds returned and reporting their fraudulent behavior. WHAT A LAUGH I joined I am 70 years old and I mostly get men in their 50s and most are 3hrs drive from where I live...

for nothing and they have sicked debt collectors onto me. This dating site is full of scammers and I was mislead to believe that I was only paying .70 for a six month membership. I have tried to cancel my membership this is also a difficult task. I asked for a six months membership thinking I would be debited on a monthly basis, but no they took the whole 6 months in one go.

I don't know how they are still operating they should be shut down. It advertises its membership rate as .98 but takes 9AUD out of your account. Why would anyone want to use a dating website with fake profiles?

They tell you that if you want to stop the charges or complain you actually have to write to an address in Luxembourg!I would like to see their threats of recovering subscriptions tried in a court of law. If that can't be done I will need to cancel my card/Pay Pal account whatever it takes.Filled with fake profiles, same picture for 20 or so different profiles. Joined for and they took , had to cancel my debit card.I urge anyone affected by this to lodge complaints against this website in your country to shut them down. Can someone please tell me how to access that ridiculous " that is required to unsubscribe.

The profiles are fake, they have the same pictures used for multiple profiles with different names and ages, they scam you into a premium subscription which you have to pay upfront but make it look like monthly installments and their customer service is disgraceful with rude copy and paste responses. And the 'male-model' photos are disconcerting. I'll just write off my money and put it down to experience. I joined b2 for one month only and tried to cancel the auto renewal.

I am looking to find a companion to spend what years of life I have left.. I paid for 1 month and ended up paying for 6 at higher prices... I had to laugh I was just reading a review of Top Australian Dating Sites and Be2 scored 9.3 out of 10 lol.

I now have so much booty lined up that I'm thinking of installing a revolving bedroom door.… continue reading »

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Designed to get the attention of sought-after women used to getting fawning compliments, it was easily abused by novices, who would make these kind of remarks to less attractive and more insecure women, or turn them into outright insults.… continue reading »

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