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This will reveal the evolutionary model settings for BEAST.

The options available depend on whether the data are nucleotides, or amino acids, binary data, or general data.

The final step is to explore the output of BEAST in order to diagnose problems and to summarize the results.

The program BEAUti is a user-friendly program for setting the model parameters for BEAST. Once running, will look similar irrespective of which computer system it is running on.

For this tutorial, the Mac OS X version is used in the figures but the Linux and Windows versions will have the same layout and functionality.

To load a NEXUS format alignment, simply select the Once loaded, five character partitions are displayed in the main panel (Figure 4).

Name the taxa set by filling in the taxon set label entry. As this is a calibrated node to be used in conjunction with the Calibrated Yule prior, monophyly must be enforced, so select the checkbox marked =0.085 which will specify a distribution centred at about 6 million years with a standard deviation of about 0.5 million years.

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Note that 4 to 6 categories works sufficiently well for most data sets, while having more categories takes more time to compute for little added benefit.To test for clock-likeness, you can (i) run the analysis with a relaxed clock model and check how much variation among rates are implied by the data (see coefficient of variation for more on this), or (ii) perform a model comparison between a strict and relaxed clock using path sampling, or (iii) use a random local clock model [2] which explicitly considers whether each branch in the tree needs its own branch rate.The tab allows priors to be specified for each parameter in the model.We will restrict our modelling of rate heterogeneity to among-site heterogeneity within each partition, and also allow the partitions to have different mean rates of evolution.

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So, at this point we will need to link the clock model and tree. Then click on the first drop-down menu in the Clock Model column and rename the shared clock model to ‘clock’. This will make following options and generated log files more easy to read. Then, select the tab since all taxa are from contemporary samples).

By default each of the gamma shape parameters has an exponential prior distribution with a mean of 1.

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