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Partially as a result of prodding from his producers, Sly and Robbie, with whom he recorded cover versions of Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldhead" and "No Woman No Cry" in 1994, the latter a Jamaican chart-topper, Beenie Man converted to the Rastafari movement, as did several of his contemporaries at the time, although in 2005 he stated "I have not converted.

I was baptised an Ethiopian Orthodox and at the age of 10 I became a Judah Coptic." In 1995, Beenie Man collaborated with Dennis Brown and Triston Palma to release Three Against War and Mad Cobra and Lieutenant Stitchie on Mad Cobra Meets Lt. He also collaborated with Lady Saw on "Healing", Sanchez on "Refugee", and Michael Prophet on "Gun 'n' Bass", further establishing his reputation.

(blessed, blessed) Yuh better walk on the right path Big life! Straight up Mankind what me sing (sung) [Hook] Memories don't live like people do They always 'member you Whether things are good or bad It's just the memories that you have The Beenie Man a sing (say hey) Boy stop live down inna de past Just member when man a ride 'orse Now yuh dead that mean yuh soul lost Crushed like a serpent snake under grass (again!

The latest from the grapevine is that, Jazmine has found new love in dancehall artiste, Bennie Gunter.

In September 2008 Beenie Man was cleared of charges of tax evasion.

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In 1984 Beenie Man recorded some material with Barrington Levy (released ten years later), but his music career was put on hold while he finished school, and spent time travelling to the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.He took another step up the ladder in 1996, releasing the seminal Maestro, produced by Patrick Roberts and shot him to UK fame.During the period from the mid to late 1990s, Beenie Man dominated the Jamaican charts to the extent that he perhaps had a good claim to the crown of "Dancehall King", a title only bestowed previously on Yellowman in the early 1980s.In August 2015 Beenie Man recorded a collaboration track called "Sister Caro" with United States-based Nigerian Artiste "Henricci" that Pundits are saying is one of his best pieces of material in a long time.

His absence from the 2016 OVO Fest was attributed to combined attack of Zika Virus and Dengue. In June 2007, Beenie Man separated from his wife due to her alleged infidelity.

Beenie Man continued performing and honed his craft beside the then dominant dancehall figures including Ninjaman, Admiral Bailey and Shabba Ranks.