Bemymatch dating

18-Jul-2017 04:17

Even though I cancelled my account after 2 days they will not give me a refund. All I ever get is the call center in the Philippines. I've been looking for a good site that I can pay for (that way I know the people are serious about finding a real relationship) and get the most out of.

When I called customer service I was told that this was not a trial when I signed up. I did get two guys that were scammers, that is another reason why I cancelled my account. Two or three times, my account password (which is saved by browser) has clearly been breached.

I was told I was not charged due to it being a free trial.

I don’t have any hidden talents unless eating an entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese counts.

My guilty pleasure would have to be playing The Sims 3 and hoping I have triplets every time I get pregnant. Hold on, let me check to see what song was actually playing….. Specifically I was rocking out in my car to my entire Taylor Swift Playlist, but if I were to choose a song on my itunes right now I would probably go for some Ed Sheeran or Lana.

“In this dating series that uses modern technology to help people find love, 20 single men and women try to find their perfect mates.

A dating algorithm is used to help quantify compatibility, using a process that includes in-depth interviews, questionnaires and compatibility testing.Ya know, I have thought about this before and I really don’t know.