Benefits of dating a soccer player dating easier for women

23-May-2017 00:37

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From one point of view, you can hardly blame them - they're young, rich men guaranteed oodles of attention everywhere they go and their bad patter is no object to pulling, with women who might have ignored them a few years ago now hanging on to their every word like anarchists at a Noam Chomsky lecture.

Ever heard your boy complain about how the girl he met on a Friday night looks totally different on a Saturday morning? Let's face it, "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on" (warming up before a game) is probably the point at which you fell in love with her, anyway.As with anyone who works in a culture that means they're mostly around likeminded people every day, talking about the same things, dribbling around cones and sending girls pictures of their expensive boxers, footballers can be a little monomaniacal in conversation. If your idea of a fun Saturday night in isn't obsessively re-watching Match of the Day until Alan Hansen's badly-waxed eyebrows and Gary Lineker's magic shiny shirts become vaguely hypnotic, dating a footballer might get boring fast.Additionally, the ones that do have a personality are mad as a box of frogs, like Paolo di Canio and Cantona.Of course, the girls who are into soccer will drool with you over the prospect of traveling through France for Euro 2016.

Yup, definitely much better than a Carnival cruise.Stuart Pearce is an honourable exception to this rule, admittedly.