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Could the two have forged a relationship out of their shared grief?

Although Ramsey and Holloway claimed that they were just friends, sources said that they had met at a fundraiser and were seen kissing publicly.5. In 2008, John Earnest Deaves and his daughter, Jennifer Anne Deaves, scandalized West Australia after they publicized their relationship on Australia's .

From a review of the facts of this case one issue becomes clear.

The parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, had a hand in the murder of this child. Thus, this issue must never be let to rest until the truth is confirmed. Ramsey retorts regarding her question about not his view of taking a lie detector test. His behavior is suspect, as is that of his former wife.

Investigation Discovery, the cable network devoted exclusively to true crime, is the third-most-watched network among 25- to 54-year-old women — a key demo — and is the 11th-most-watched on all of cable. J.: Made in America,” were autopsies of an inevitable verdict, an indictment of everything from race relations to celebrity to the birth of infotainment.

Errol Morris, whose 1998 documentary “The Thin Blue Line” helped legitimize the genre, recently announced he’s working with Netflix on a six-part, true-crime docu-series. And the Jon Benet case is the worst of infotainment; re-living it seems prurient and exploitive, nothing more.

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“Children are murdered every day,” says Harold Schechter, true-crime author and professor at Queens College. The Jon Benet case has a lot of the elements of the closed-room mystery: Everybody’s home, no apparent break-in.

In general, true crime speaks to these very dark places in our heads that none of us would consciously admit to.” Patsy Ramsey died in 2006, at age 49, of ovarian cancer.