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Cam left school to manage his parents business on Tasmania’s East Coast.

It was here he made up his mind to pursue his dream of playing as a drummer in a band.

Another cam’s focused on Seychelles Victoria Market, and it’s updated every 15 seconds — perfect for real-time daydreaming.

Cam Tapp was born in Launceston, Tasmania in September, 1971.

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Cam took easily to the guitar and in a short time his new band , a meeting place for bikers.

Cam’s parents attended with much reluctance, terrified that his first gig, filled to the max with rowdy, tough-looking bikers, might not go down well.

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One webcam is trained on the Mahe Island’s Beau-Vallon Beach, a three-mile-long, northwest-facing oasis of white sand, blue and green water, and everything that beach dreams are made of.

Meanwhile Borne and Cam were making waves at home in a clean sweep of the 2007 Music Oz Awards, including Artist of the Year, Best Acoustic Singer-songwriter, The Garth Porter Producer Award and the Nova Unsigned Initiative.

“The Guide” and “Don’t Go Now” from the same album also moved into the commercial and TV Network sector being used by Pal Pedigree, NBC’s Army Wives, Friday Night Lights and became the entrance song to the American WWE 25playing live to packed audiences in legendary venues as The Roxy and the Hotel Café in LA and went on to perform at revered invitation-only gigs in Glastonbury, Sx SW, 02 Wireless.

He also teams with the internationally renowned Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to put his voice to a fund-raising song , .

He urged Cam to London with his demos and to make contact.

In fact, they should be fast and fun to comprehend.

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