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09-May-2017 03:12

For this you can use WAIT FOR DELAY '0:' in SQL Server, BENCHMARK() and sleep(10) in My SQL, pg_sleep(10) in Postgre SQL, and some PL/SQL tricks in ORACLE.This output taken from a real private Blind SQL Injection tool while exploiting SQL Server back ended application and enumerating table names.Han Kyul hires Eun Chan to pose as his gay lover so that he can get his grandmother off his back and put a stop to the blind dates.Desperate for money, Eun Chan not only agrees to the ruse but also maintains her male disguise to get a job at Han Kyul’s café.Samples are provided to allow you to get basic idea of a potential attack and almost every section includes a brief information about itself. green: supported, dark gray: not supported, light gray: unknown About My SQL and PHP; To clarify some issues; PHP - My SQL doesn't support stacked queries, Java doesn't support stacked queries (Normally My SQL supports stacked queries but because of database layer in most of the configurations it's not possible to execute a second query in PHP-My SQL applications or maybe My SQL client supports this, not quite sure. If application is first getting the record by username and then compare returned MD5 with supplied password's MD5 then you need to some extra tricks to fool application to bypass authentication.You can union results with a known password and MD5 hash of supplied password.

Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo), the heir to a major food company, is under constant pressure from his grandmother to go into the family business and settle down to provide the next generation of heirs.Can an average-looking, heavyset woman find true love despite the odds?

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