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And, according to The Times, some people haven't taken too kindly to the hip-hop veteran wearing the traditional Sikh outfit off a sherwani and a turban.Indian actor Akshay Kumar (l) and Snoop Dogg in the video for Singh is Kinng.

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The 38-year-old Bollywood star has sold more than half a million tickets to his stand-up tours, but he only recently had a big breakthrough in the US with the Netflix comedy special, “Abroad Understanding,” earlier this year.Despite the resistance Shrivastava has faced from authorities, she says she has not experienced direct sexism in the Indian film industry.Being a maker of smaller films in a dynastic industry dominated by large Bollywood films may be even harder than being a female director.Now, he’s taking the New York Comedy Festival by storm, headlining the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Thursday.

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The Post caught up with Das — who also has his own comedy series in development with Hulu — to chat about bringing his act to America.I feel like I'm always on the backfoot because I want to make these small films about ordinary women rather than these star-driven heroic kinds of films."And it seems likely she will have to deal with the Central Board of Film Certification again.