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Then again, I'd had years of being surrounded by four stunning breasts, and that's not even counting my mother's, who's exceptional gene pool had given rise to those four breasts. "In fact, it's pretty clear that in his head I'm now a mother, not a girlfriend. I then heard a noise coming from Logan's room: Mia was walking around.

I didn't think that my fantasies about Mia's breasts were anything out of the ordinary. She had closed the door behind her, but I could hear the floor creaking. I folded the bra one cup against the other and threw it back in the hamper.

When my younger sister giggled and said "Thanks sis.", I leaned towards the edge of the wall and listened more closely. Stephanie, while already being two years older than Mia, had started earlier than her sister, so for most of my adolescence I've been blessed with four remarkable breasts. When I heard one of them moving around I scrambled up and disappeared back into my room. somehow it only added to the sheer sexiness of the sight. I was hard as a fucking rock and could almost see, in my imagination, Mia breastfeeding her son in the room right next to mine.

When I realized that they were talking about Mia's breasts because of her pregnancy, I grinned. Both my sisters began developing their breasts rather young, and summertime was now my very favourite season. Last year, just after having celebrated her eighteenth birthday, my younger sister had to make a very difficult announcement to the rest of our family. I locked the door, logged into my computer's secret folder and loaded up a bunch of pictures of my sisters' breasts. She was backlit by the light from the kitchen, and while it was still quite dark, I could see her every curves. I reached for my cock and pulled it out of my boxer's slit.

The mention of an adult suckling from a woman’s breasts can get a multitude of reactions.

For many in our western civilization, the idea of adult breastfeeding may be appalling, or at the least shocking.

Both of my sisters had been invited to a ball in my town, and on the day of the ball, they had spent the entire day preparing. In my bed, I listened for Mia but didn't hear her coming out of Logan's room after all.

But, given a few weeks to process it all, the four of us had embraced her decision and had decided to help her as much as we could. "There are two guys lingering around, but I'm not really interested. I fear that my fingertips may remain pruned permanently! "If boys knew how some girls have just as much sex drive as they do..." "...we'd never hear the end of it! After a quiet pause, Mia said "Do you remember when, when we... " "Yes I do my dear." Stephanie paused for a long while, and then I heard them whisper for a while, too low for me to hear. I started a slideshow and masturbated in silence to four of the best breasts I had ever seen. "Of course..." Mia looked around to make sure we were alone and then whispered "You're curious about breastfeeding, aren't you? Well, I had tasted my mom's when I was a baby, but that was long forgotten.Yet now as I sat there in the hallway, listening to my sisters talking about them, I realized that my mind was passionately interested. Hearing Mia talking about their shape, their weight, the discomfort and the bliss of having Logan drinking from them and so on made my blood boil... In silence I've had to rearrange my pants to let my hard cock into a more comfortable position. When I find myself alone at home I undress completely and dance around, caressing my body and especially my breasts, pinching or sucking my nipples. " Both girls laughed again, but Stephanie asked a question that changed the mood. As I silently walked back to my room I vowed to do the laundry very early next morning.