Cam on girls ni sing up

12-Feb-2017 03:47

the song grows and grows and grows, to the point where it's undeniable, from the radio to the club to his dominant performance at Hot 97's Summer Jam.

The song -- half hook and half "hol' up, hol' up, hol' up" -- is immensely fun, carefree, addictive, and 100% pure Wiz.

Fine, he'll go independent, tour constantly, build up a large and loyal fan base and prove himself so in-demand that WBR's sister label Atlantic signs him for big money.

People don't take him for a ladies man, especially with a random yellow streak in his brown hair?

Watch out for not buying into this purple-haired guy, cause he'll end up making you look silly.7.

So when word got out that A-Trak (DJ Extraordinaire/Producer Extraordinaire/Tastemaker Extraordinaire) and Cam'Ron (Rapper Extraordinaire/ Instagrammer Extraordinaire) aimed to lay down tracks together, there was measured hope: while it'd been years since Cam had been focused on putting out strong music, and a decade since Dip Set had released a project together, if there was anyone who could bring back that Harlem feeling, why not the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Montreal DJ A-Trak?

All of which is to say: it's fun, more fun than anything that's come out this year.2. Jay Z, "Seen It All"That flute loop -- run up by Cardo and Deejaycyfer for Jeezy's -- conjures visions of elves and nymphs, the parting of the trees in the wood.

But Jeezy and Jay -- while lords of the rings and things -- bring it to ripped-edge scrapbooks, memories bittersweet and vivid, unable to divorce the win from the struggle.

Fine, he'll write an online letter of apology, and put out music that's more true to him and his roots.

Tabloid-readers harp on Wiz because his marriage doesn't work out and he dyes his hair purple?It's a weird beat, floating in and out like a robbery.

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