Camsex chat with strangers

01-Nov-2017 09:23

They’ll actually feel energized when they leave and won’t need any recovery time.So, why do I react so differently than my extroverted friends to the same situation?Just me, no noise, maybe a good book or the Internet to help me turn inward and recharge after this much socializing.Yet, my extroverted friends could probably stay at the concert, chatting long past the encore.While extroverts thrive on the dopamine-charged good feelings created when they engage the sympathetic side, for us introverts, it’s too much.If you don’t understand introversion, you might get the mistaken idea that introverts are antisocial, reclusive, or rude.

The loud music, the dense crowd of strangers, and the small talk I’ve made all night have left me feeling drained.

When I lounge at home in quiet solitude, lost in a book or watching Netflix, I’m basking in the pleasant effects of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is linked to the parasympathetic side of the nervous system, which is nicknamed the “throttle down” or “rest-and-digest” side.

When we engage the parasympathetic side, our body conserves energy, and we withdraw from the outer environment.

This side mobilizes us to discover new things and makes us active, daring, and inquisitive.

The brain becomes alert and hyper-focused on its surroundings.Blood sugar and free fatty acids are elevated to give us more energy, and digestion is slowed.

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