Cannot connect to internet validating identity

13-Jun-2016 06:02

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Oracle Database requires special authentication procedures for database administrators, because they perform special database operations.

Oracle Database also encrypts passwords during transmission to ensure the security of network authentication.

Authorization is described in Chapter 4, "Configuring Privilege and Role Authorization".

See also "Guidelines for Securing Passwords" for advice on securing passwords.

This means that the next time the user logs in with the current, correct password, he or she is prompted to change the password.

By default, there are no complexity or password history checks, so users can still reuse any previous or weak passwords.

Authentication also enables accountability by making it possible to link access and actions to specific identities.

After authentication, authorization processes can allow or limit the levels of access and action permitted to that entity.

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Because passwords are vulnerable to theft and misuse, Oracle Database uses a password management policy.You can control these factors by setting the parameters.

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