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At Abensberg, he defeated Archduke Louis, at Eckmühl Archduke Charles: he cuts the Austrian Army in two, and achieves the passage of the Salza. On the 21st and 22nd of May the dreadful affair of Aspern-Essling takes place.The account of Archduke Charles reports that, on the first day, two hundred and eighty eight Austrian cannon fired fifty-one thousand rounds, and that, on the next day, more than four hundred cannon took part on both sides. Bonaparte spoke to him and then forgot him: human relationships cool as quickly as the cannonball that strikes them.– “Has the Prince of Lichtenstein made known to you,” Napoleon said to me, “that it has often been suggested to him that I should be assassinated?” – “Yes, Sire; he expressed the horror with which he rejected such proposals.” – “Well, Someone is here to try! There were several people looking very agitated, surrounding a young man from eighteen to twenty years old, of a fine, quite mild appearance, proclaiming a kind of candour, who alone seemed to be perfectly calm. He was interrogated with extreme gentleness by Napoleon himself, General Rapp serving as interpreter.' On the 13th of October,' says the Duke of Cadore, ' I came to Vienna to work with the Emperor.After a few moments discussion, he said to me: “I am going to the review; stay in my office; you can draw up that note and I'll read it after the review.” I stayed in his office with Monsieur de Menéval his private secretary; he soon returned.The broadcast will be in Japanese, but Monster Hunter is a universal language that we can all enjoy.So for those wondering, these are old trailers of Monster Hunter XX on 3DS, the game getting ported to Switch.

After the battle of Wagram an armistice was agreed at Znaïm.

' He sets his mind against a half-hearted victory; he brings things back to the boil as Caesar dragged his astonished veterans back to the fight by the throat.

Nine hundred mouths of bronze roar; the plain and the cornfields are in flames; whole villages vanish; the action lasts twelve hours.

In one charge alone, Lauriston trots towards the enemy at the head of a hundred cannon.

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Four days afterwards they gathered up, amongst the wheat, soldiers who had died in the sunlight beneath the trampled crop, lying there, sticky with blood: maggots had already infested the wounds of the riper corpses.

Turenne knew as much as Bonaparte, but he was not absolute master and had not forty million men at his disposal.