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When I was a kid, obviously, we’re, we’re all trying to make our way in the world. And I love to use games as a way of connecting with other people.

So I’ve just been on this journey my whole life using games as the grist for the mill help all of my social connections work.

I started thinking about what I wanted to do for them.

And then I went off to college that fall of 1972, and got a chance to take a computer class and really get my hands on a computer and start writing computer games for myself.

This is a great way to learn," and when I first saw a computer I thought, "Hey, that’ s perfect because you can put all the machinery inside out of view, and give people interesting experiences without having to do that much heavy lifting." CNBC: How do you feel about non-computer games?

TRIP HAWKINS: The thing about being human is that we’re built to play.

I like it when I feel like I'm caught up on everything. Well in myself, you cant try to be all things to all people. Edison was maybe a little bit mean and nasty as a businessman sometimes. I love people that have empathy and are kind of self-aware, so they are kind of at peace with themselves, and they are not preoccupied with power. This is something that I am just now beginning to get a lot more interested in. My present state of mind is I'm very excited about where things are going, and I mean that in just about every possible dimension.

I like people that are socially capable of getting to deep meaningful conversation very quickly. I moved my family much closer to the center of the town so that we could do a lot more walking, a lot more biking. The value of that company went from million, and it was at an all time low as a public company and it reached billion within two years. And you know, I've been married now for over eleven years, and its just as great as it ever was. And the wish to die becomes strong when we are no longer willing to continue to change" What is your present state of mind?


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When I go out, I like to have a Cosmo, and its all my wife's fault. You know, when you have hundreds of unread emails you're always worried about what's in there that's really important, so it feels good when I can go home when I feel like I'm caught up. Its very important to have a team that's complimentary, so I really appreciate when I can focus on the big picture and the strategies and the ideas and I love having business partners that are really good at the day to day executions, so of course that means if my business partners, if all they want to talk about ideas, that's a problem. I would say movie stars Sean Connery would be my all time favorite because I was a complete and total nut for his version of James Bond. Walt Disney would be right up there although I have a lot of them. Walt didn't have to get so much into the dirtier bits of the business because he had his brother, Roy, leading the charge on the operations, but I just love the vision that Walt had and the way that he stuck with it. I think for everybody there is a very big choice between love and power, and I'm much more interested in people that are interested in love and that's what they want to bring the world. You know, on my team, what's really crucial in accountability. It's been a lot of hard work and toil and a certain amount of suffering that has gone on in the last 4 or 5 years, and I feel like I am right on the brink of a lot of really great things.I was going to be able to make real life in a box and expose the kind of games I wanted to play to the public.I knew I could make games for them, and it was just a matter of how are the prices going to come down and how are these devices and technologies going to get into homes.I remember when I got a board game, and it had dice.

I studied the dice, and I realized, "Wow, there was more ways to roll a seven, than to roll a 12," and, "Hey, that means the probability is different," and I started breaking it down and essentially figured out how probability theory works on my own.

"Creativity is the rearranging of the old in a new way." "If you can't fix it, feature it." The Outward Bound motto is, "If you can't get out of it, get into it." What's Digital Chocolates?