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14-Dec-2016 13:11

This is important for both the man and woman to consider ahead of time.

If a young man desires children, then marrying someone who is unable to provide them for him is obviously not a good match.

I really look forward to hearing about this from you.

There are many people that could benefit from reading about this aspect of marriage especially when choosing a partner.

As an aside, I’ve heard the argument against big age differences when the male is older than the female because it doesn’t seem fair for a woman to marry an older man only to end up taking care of him shortly thereafter rather than enjoying a long marriage in which both gracefully grow old together.

From a practical standpoint, I can see some merit in that argument, but I don’t think it should be an absolute.

It can emotionally separate married couples more than it looks like it should from a spiritual standpoint.

But unfortunately, we live in a world where divorce is becoming a common way for couples to resolve differences.

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It’s sad that couples that have the same desire to serve the Lord, are God-fearing, compatible, and have many other healthy ingredients to have a successful marriage, stay apart because of what society thinks of them differing in ages —more so if the man is younger that the woman.

If a woman wants to marry an older man, there is no scriptural prohibition against it. As for a younger man marrying an older woman—it’s not as common, as you know, but I don’t think it’s unbiblical.

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