Cms consolidating systems

08-Nov-2017 13:07

In addition to CNHI, Blox is the CMS of choice for Lee Enterprises (its majority stakeholder), the , Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group and about 90 college newspapers, Wilson says; in all, the company has more than 1,600 media partners.

Historically, Wilson says, the company built silos for online products, including separate software solutions for classifieds, calendars, coupons, business directories and more.

Says Town News CEO Marc Wilson: “Sometimes, you’re a partner.

Other times, you’re a competitor.” As digital businesses for media companies grow, the CMS market, executives say, has become more specialized.

After all, says Matthew Ipsan, SVP and chief digital officer of the Montgomery-based Community News Holdings Inc., “we’re a publishing company, not a technology company.” Speed and simplicity: the convenience approach According to Ipsan, CNHI, which operates about 75 daily newspapers and another 40 or so weeklies, magazines and shoppers in more than 100 markets, has been in the CMS market for years.

In 2011, Ipsan says, they realized Zope’s open-source Plone CMS was not an ideal fit.

“[It’s] a platform that requires significant in-house development to fully leverage its capabilities,” he says in an email.

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The goal: let reporters and editors worry about breaking and crafting stories, and let producers worry about pushing that content out to the masses.“From a publisher’s perspective, particularly because local news can be a commodity, the real battlefront here is speed to market and then discoverability,” says Smith of the broadcast-centric World Now.