Compatible partners dating site

02-Aug-2017 00:54

This takes all the guesswork out of what to say, and when you finally reach “open communication” stage, you will have a ton of stuff to talk about. It allows for the important questions to be asked early on, which will tell you right away if you wish to continue communication with the other person. Send 2nd Questions Going back to step #1, you are allowed to send (and receive) 5 more questions. Open Communication This is the final stage of the matchmaking process and you are allowed to communicate freely with your match.

There are five steps to the Compatible Partners guided communication process: 1. If you have made it this far, chances are this might be a match made in heaven !

The price for Compatible partners is extremely competitive (some cases cheaper) that most other gay and lesbian dating sites out there.Instead, you go through a process called “guided communication” in which you ask each other questions back and forth and answer them.You can select from a “canned” list of questions or ask your own. Most people don’t know what exactly to say to break the ice.This level of involvement required by Compatible Partners serves two purposes: 1.

It weeds out the people whom are not serious about dating.Read Your Match’s “About Me” Information In this step, you look at your matches “about me” information. My advice to you is to take things slowly and don’t rush !!