Consolidating debt new mortgage

29-Sep-2016 04:30

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A home equity loan does not replace the existing mortgage as a cash-out refinance does, but it is another loan in addition to the existing mortgage.

HELOCs differ from home equity loans in that, instead of receiving a lump sum of cash, borrowers have an agreed-upon amount that they can take from their equity, and access as needed over time. There are two categories: a federal Direct Consolidation Loan and private consolidation or refinancing options.

Then you can focus on repaying that personal loan, which requires just one monthly payment and, ideally, has a lower interest rate than what you were paying across multiple debts (it may not have a lower rate, but it’s in your best interest to find the lowest one you can).

The specifics of how debt consolidation works will vary by the type of debt you have and the method you choose.

By consolidating debt with a personal loan, you can save considerably — sometimes up to 40 percent of the total debt.

Enter your current debts into our loan calculator to start creating a plan to eliminate your debt.

“There may be restrictions by the lender, but generally, most debts can be consolidated or settled.” No matter what type of debt consolidation loan option you’re looking into, it is important to understand how to consolidate debt.

“Most of my clients have credit card debt,” she said.

“It can be really overwhelming when you have five credit cards to pay and you don’t even know where to start.

Maggie Germano, a certified financial education instructor and financial coach in Washington, D.

C., said debt consolidation comes up “pretty frequently” with her clients.“If you’re not absolutely positive that you can pay off your debt in that time frame or if you think you might struggle with building up your debt on credit cards once again, I think getting a new credit card is probably not a good idea,” said Germano.

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