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We found numerous specimens, but these were often isolated bones sitting on eroded surfaces.

But one specimen found a few decades before our search did provide an excellent dating opportunity.

If we can show that megafauna disappear soon after the arrival of the First Australians, then we have support for the rapid extinction model.

If we show that megafauna and people co-existed for many years, then we may have to seek other explanations for their demise.

Despite great advances in the available scientific techniques for investigating the problem, answering the key question of how they became extinct has remained elusive.

Indeed, the same questions as those asked in the 19th century by scientists, such as the British comparative anatomist Sir Richard Owen and the Prussian scientist and explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, remain: were people responsible for their demise or was it climate change?

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There are very few localities like this but one exception in Australia is the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area, in New South Wales.

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