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Any time we try to get out into the sunshine, several eager stinkers excitedly buzz past our heads with the same idea. Once, I began blow drying my hair when the all too familiar stench hit. I was slow roasting a stink bug who had lodged itself inside the dryer.They want to start the season right, with a tasty meal, some buzzing with friends in the fields, and when the mood is right, some serious mating and egg laying. As if that's not a fine enough way to start the day, I can't count the times we have found a groggy stink bug taking a coffee dive into one of our mugs.Other stink bugs are drawn to the odor, so by squishing them, you're actually sounding the horn to attract others.

We experience an initial sense of joy in opening up our windows for the first time after a winter's chill, only to have the day ruined by the inundation of jazzed up stink bugs, waking from wherever they've been hiding in our homes.We had to add the screen to the top to prevent them from literally burning.This was a MAJOR fire hazard before the screen was added, so be extra careful if you have lamps like this in a stink bug resort. DO NOT squish stink bugs as this will cause them to release their "stink" as a defense mechanism.My revulsion knew no bounds, and I only hope no students caught me frantically tearing my undergarments off behind my desk. The best defense is to prevent them from entering the home by sealing any opening they might be able to penetrate, an action that is most definitely easier said than done.

If you've found that you, too, have a home that these stink bugs consider a hot spot, here are some pointers from our family to yours. Our resort's " Hot Stones Spa" (halogen lamp), when it is on, is the most effective stink bug eradicator.With two children and a large Rottweiler living in this house, you'd think I have enough feces to manage, but alas, we'll need to add stink bug poo removal to my housekeeping list of doodies. They will continue to congregate on our windows, defecate all over every surface of our house, buzz loudly as they fly through the air- playing mysterious banjo notes as they fly into the instruments hanging from our walls.