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06-Jan-2017 04:09

In fact, most studies find that of all the married men who promise to leave their wives, only about one in five actually do.2. In the rare event that the guy you are dating chooses to leave his wife, your relationship still doesn't have a strong chance of survival.

This is a huge reason for ending a relationship with a married man: only about 5 percent of relationships that come from affairs end up lasting in the long run.3. The man who is cheating on his wife is the guiltiest party in this equation, but if you knowingly date someone who is already married, you share in his culpability.

Dating a man who isn't married also involves commitment, something a married man is unable to give you.

Dating someone who is already taken means compromising who you are and your own happiness.

When he and I met I was going through the same issues with my ex & he helped me through it. When he and I met I was going through the same issues with my ex & he helped me through it.

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Hi After a lot of serious and repetative issues that I won't go into (too, too much) I told my ex that I would be leaving once I had got somewhere sorted (again finacial issues) just over a month later she told me she was pregant.

Not fair on either me or the new girl so.....sketchy area indeed in my experience.

Xx when i left my hubby I had to be separated for 2 years before I could get a divorce.

Glad I'm happily married as dating with kids sounds like a mine field!

Not sure on this one - I think I would but like another lady said I'd have to be very sure they were completely over and know what their current relationship was like if they had kids.My ex husband starting chatting to and emailing a girl he liked while we were still married and together, then told her her he'd left, then about a month later he left, and another month after that he's introducing her to our kids without my knowledge.

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