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15-Jul-2017 14:37

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Backdated increases to Child tax credits are paid providing this is communicated on time and claimants are already in receipt of tax credits.

Backdating will not be applied to disability premiums for new child tax credit claims.

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Yet HMRC are making no effort to inform them they can do this.It is not unaspirational to allow the ill to simply be ill.The emphasis of the current system on “helping” claimants back into work, through work capability assessments, unpaid work experience and the duress of a loss of benefits has been well documented.Eventually JSA and ESA will be subsumed by Universal Credit, as will Tax Credits, et al.

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This homogenous application of benefits supposedly simplifies the benefits process for claimants, facilitating a smooth transition off benefits, and into work. The old “incapacity benefit” acknowledged that, at times, people are “incapable” of work, through illness, injury or disability.

Of course, CA can only be paid once the person for whom care is being provided, is in receipt of the qualifying benefit.