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30-Nov-2017 09:22

Real-estate billionaire Joseph Lau, who has a long-term partner, published a full-page ad in a local newspaper last year clarifying his breakup with an ex-girlfriend, including the financial details. Nor is cheating limited to tycoons and celebrities.The number of mainland mistresses of Hong Kong men was big enough to turn certain areas in southern China into “concubine villages” (paywall) in the 2006, but it was his role as the loyal partner of a woman who loses her memory in the Chinese romantic tragedy The Stolen Years (2013) that sealed his status as the regional heartthrob. Chang only escalated after Chang broke up with his girlfriend last fall.According to a survey (link in Chinese) conducted in March by China’s largest dating website of 1,920 single women, 90% said they prefer the boy-next-door type, someone who is caring and trustworthy—known as “warm man,” or “暖男” in Chinese.

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The e-visa policy will be put on a trial basis for 1 year.

Then Jehovah God said: "It is not good for the man to continue to be alone.

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