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Molly would ask herself what could go wrong, only she's sure EVERYTHING will go wrong. One thing's for sure, Sherlock will be insufferable...

Mycroft tiene que ir a la prueba del pastel de matrimonio de su hermano porque aun comprometido Sherlock no puede hacerse responsable de sus actos.

It may be dark outside, but inside it is bright and warm.

I can look down the hall from my bedroom and see the small bathroom light glowing and another one in the hall too. Music I have always enjoyed background music while I am home but now I eschew anything that isn't lilting and soothing. I don't want pounding noise reaching out to grab me or bizarre and strange lyrics calling out my name.

As Will Graham tries to solve a horrific murder in London, his relationship with Hannibal Lecter becomes more and more complicated, and things become darker and more twisted. In real life, always use condoms, folks, and try not to piss off serial killers.

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His plane crashes in the Sahara, and he meets a strange child named Sherlock that looks like a prince from another planet...Boosting the thermostat slightly above where I have it typically set, helps me feel safe by reminding me that I am warm inside despite the cold world we live in. Lighting - being a single mom all my adult life, I learned to be electrically frugal due to necessity.

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