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My studies were in plastic arts, with a particular focus in painting.Soon after leaving university, I passed through a period of artistic frustration, a time of constant uncertainty over what my future would be that accompanied the financial difficulties in which I lived.“Diable Rouge”) to respond to his daughter’s murder, which the largely silent and impassive man finally does through a volcanic drum solo.The diptych’s narratives unfold primarily within closed quarters and focus in intimate fashion on the faces and bodies of their performers; the roaming and eclectic approaches taken by Restrepo’s earlier Colombia-set trio, which gather diverse materials to gesture towards vital universes of imagination, harmonize with this pair of firmly concentrated works that transmit forceful musical expressions with the sensation of gesturing the same way.

It is a space mediated by gazes, each one imposing a single point of view.Over time, I decided to abandon making art and instead obtain purely technical work in a gallery.Years after making this decision, I felt that there was still something left for me to try.Tropic Pocket combines the little material that we filmed ourselves along with audiovisual records that we found of the place.

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The film, in fact, seeks the first image of a place, one sometimes known as the Darién Gap, a small piece of the Colombian jungle on the border with Panama.

I still held onto the intuition that I could make a work of art.