Dating and gen y

09-Jul-2016 03:07

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They're earnest, focused, and dedicated, and innovative," she says. So don't stereotype us and don't put in a box, and especially, in the words of '80s New Wavers Simple Minds, "Don't you forget about me."Because our run hasn't ended yet, my friends.

We want to be in a relationship, then we want to be single. We discuss hanging out again (which is not a date because it could involve other people). In either case, there is a clear set of rules and expectations.

Come to think of it, I think lesbians have a similar policy. Why would I want to go out with you more than once, if I know right away we're not a match? We see dating as a waste of time because we prefer to cut our losses and move on as soon as we're just not feeling it. Not having to date each other for months on end to make a decision makes life a lot easier, and well, we like that.

Formality Sucks No one likes going on a first date. First there is the decision of where, when, how to meet.

A mom with one kid raising her alone while taking care of her aging dad. Somehow, with all of that, a real portrait of the 40- to 50-something woman is missing, or misconstrued, from much of the mainstream media and advertising conversations."The mommy blog thing happened for a while, but that's only one piece of a woman's life," says Ann Shoket, former editor-in-chief of but a member of Gen X at 43.

We're far from hippies; we're just tired of the drama and we're developing new systems. Let's call us the "Reinvention Generation"—we're constantly figuring it out as we go along.We're in charge—we're just not terribly noisy about it. In 2013, after two decades in publishing, I decided to start my own website called Tue and share the stories of Gen-X women, those of us in the puberty of old age, every Tuesday Night.

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