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It's important to rule out that your child might have some cognitive or sensory issues that are making life really unpleasant. Behavior is a tough issue and and because you said he has intense pain sensitivity, I would suggest you read a book called ''hearing equals bahavior by Dr. Hope all the best, if you have any more questions on sensory integration, please e-mail. He found school ''boring'' and ''stupid'' every day of every year he was not challenged.Bryan A homeopath in Emeryville has done good work in treatment/cure of children with mood and attention problems. It was depressing/alarming listening to this turned-off little kid every day. In retrospect, I wish I had taken him out of the good quality (supposedly) public school district he grew up in and put him into a smaller, more caring private school that could have nurtured and legitimized his interests instead of denying them, as it was the case in his public school experience.It's easy for me to say from here, not having been lied to etc.but your son needs as much compassion and attention as you can muster. But this needs to be addressed truly, not punished and not just repressed by behavior modification.I wanted to reply because of something else I picked up on. He needs something and doesn't know how to ask for it (maybe the family needs something unspoke? I agree that some useful tools to help him with behavior, particularly in his social relationships, could help him from becoming more alienated (it's not clear how this affects him at school or in his friendships and in settings outside the home). You did mention receiving some counseling in the past.

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My son, now eleven, was diagnosed with ADHD about four years ago, not long after his father became severely disabled.

At his insistence, we switched to a private school in high school (he now attends Maybeck HS, in Berkeley and loves it---- does 4-5 hours of homework a night and doesn't complain!

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