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14-Mar-2017 23:47

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Sometimes, the person who buys the jewelry may request that the piece be engraved or monogrammed.Typically, you'll find engravings on the back or underside of the jewelry, and they'll take the form of a message, name, or date.Sorry I don't know what the font type is (the bottom part of the 'a' is square).The design (bird with flower: different on each link of the bracelet) looks maybe East Indian, Turkish, European. I bought a necklace with a 14K gold clasp that has a capital "H" in cursive, or script above the 14K mark. btw I also purchased a necklace from Adin, coral, lovely.thanks Hello I have recently been cleaning out an old woman's attic after she passed away and have come across quite a bit of old vintage coins and jewelry.Well my question is, does all vintage (antique) gold have a hallmark? It is very heavy and doesnt feel like a fake piece of jewelry. Return to Gold Hallmarks Questions Return to Home Page by lynne (South yorkshire) I inherited from my gran a gold charm bracelet no charms, my gran was given it i can read the hall mark of 375 which means 9 carat and the letters are G. L now i was told it was hall marked in 1901 which would be correct with the dates but i cannot work out the other 2 markings.This is important because silver-plated and sterling silver items look virtually identical to the untrained eye.

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I have just brought a 9ct yellow gold garnet bangle but would like to know more about the hallmarks, if possible.You can use the patent number to find out more about the company or about the piece.Simply look up the number online at the US Patent and Trademark is fully hallmarked, but does not say 9ct or 9k just 375 plus the other stamps I can't really see.

by Frances (Canada) What do the letters "ia" or is it 'ai' stamped onto a gold bracelet mean please?Monograms may be anywhere on the piece, and they usually consist of two or three initials.

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