Dating country songs

25-Oct-2016 18:52

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It's true - and perhaps why breakout band Old Dominion titled its freshman album "Meat and Candy" late last year, a reference to their songs having substance and fun.Though if Rice's letter and other singers' reactions are any indication, some may be on the verge of losing their patience with how the business works."Hey, Good Lookin'" -- by Hank Williams Sr -- Why It's So Good 96."Check Yes or No" -- by George Strait -- Why It's So Good 95.

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"Small Town Southern Man" -- by Alan Jackson -- Why It's So Good 99.Those difficult events shadowed Williams' recent life and served in part as emotional inspiration...(Chrissie Dickinson)It's understandable: In the last couple years, Nashville has received serious backlash for the rise of "bro country," the carefree sub-genre that revels in beer, trucks, girls, and drinking beer in trucks with girls.' I've heard that from so many people that have had monstrous success over the last five years doing the stuff that's more fluff than depth."Nichols could have been speaking about himself, as he's done well with poppy hits like "Yeah" and "Sunny and 75,"; he sure doesn't sound happy talking about his current music.

"If I could just make the record I wanted to make, I'd hire the country-est guys in Nashville," he told the magazine a couple months later, though added sadly, "But I'm not that rich." "Stars like Nichols rarely speak like passionate artists any more - they speak like business people who believe that making music means changing their output to match the public's taste at that moment," Guardian country music writer Grady Smith wrote this past fall.

"Lately, some singers have been upfront about this dilemma. It's too early to tell the fate of Rice's "Whisper," which saw modest sales when it was released in February yet hasn't hit the radio Top 50.

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