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I'm pastor Judah." They used the King James, and it sounds so spiritual, and I'm like, "Yo, what's up church." Have you ever come to an event like this and you don't leave encouraged at all.

You're actually discouraged because every single person who gets on stage, you're like, "I've never even seen that in the Scripture before." And you leave with your head hung.

" I said, "Really, do you need me to answer that question? She doesn't just want to do stuff for me or with me, she wants to know me. She sits me down and asks me how I'm doing, as a dad, in my ministry, with each other. And he's kinda on a role with God, so he asks for something he's never seen before: glory. What a crazy request, a risky request, maybe not even a healthy request. My boy doesn't even want to just do stuff with me, he wants to know me. I was going to make a new covenant, but he's like, alright, how do I do this. So Moses shimmies in, and God's like, you're not peeking, are you? They passed leadership of the church off to me, and the elders agreed.

" But really, when women ask you a question it's just a front for wanting to be asked that question. Marriage isn't just about doing stuff together or being in each other's presence. Now, I want you to shimmy in this rock over here, and I'm going to put my hand over you as I pass by. I started to play out in my mind that I'm 30 now, and if all goes well, I'll probably pastor this church for the next 30 years. You know those guys taht can get up and don't read the Scripture, they just quote it.

You don't have to look any longer or any further." If I could apply that to every volunteer, church leader, mom, dad, business leader, etc. He is the rose of Sharon, the deliverer, the healer, your pastor, your friend. I just came to tell you, "You've got Jesus." I'm starting to figure out pastoring a church wasn't really about me to begin with.

Together with his wife Chelsea, they are pastoring the church of 7000, a multi-site congregation with multiple campuses located throughout the greater Seattle area.My power is made perfect in your weakness." I don't want anyone to leave here tonight feeling like they're lacking. A recent poll of small group pastors and staff revealed that one of the top questions small group pastors have is how to structure their ministry for success.This e-book is designed to help small group ministry leaders think through this critical issue.The Bible says don't compare ourselves with others, but what (we think) that really means is don't do it in public.

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And you show up at your church and you're like (in a high pitched voice), "Hey, church." And so you're looking for secrets, like some special program that you can do and then you'll become super-sermon dispenser.

Judah is the author of several books, including Dating Delilah, a book on purity from a new perspective.