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25-Feb-2017 05:19

For survival but also for a better quality of life!I am sure people don't want to be just hamsters running on the wheel of work...on glocals will be a sure fire hit for all the singletons of geneva to send you in "private message"...failing that try learning french..copy me and go back to UK as much as you can ;) GOOD LUCK P. Poor Omega Man..sounds like a good wing man though!Another option for you Dean This probably is your best bet! They say woman are just looking for money, but I think bull$~^*t... is just for one night and most of women don't want that...Or we start sth positive together, regular meet ups for fun, laugh, enjoying sharing, free hugs.. I have been in Geneva 3 months now, after Lausanne for 7 years.I can just confirm the huge problem in social communication and lack of interaction among people in 2 different cantons in Switzerland. Scientificaly proven we as mammals need interaction, attachement...I hope he got her number, she could be Colonel Sanders daughter and that would mean she is Oprah Winfrey rich!

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I grew up in the UK wher people didn't really date and it was all very awkward and a little unclear. I think it all depends on what you are looking for?They may not go for the coffee straight away, but you can always ask for their number and if you can call them?

JCW saranghae :) Best drama JCW is Healer and K2 seriously he so much Cool at action drama .. He is very polite and always smile, even the fans look so scarry sometimes they are so pushy want touch him takes some picts or so pushy offering him some gifts is like for exmple a male fans gave him a small box of cigarret he still accept is very respect.. He is in malaysia lastnight for promotional event, today he is gping tp hongkong for fans event. He can bring such good values to the screen even and only ji chang wook able tp do that. Wow, there are many fans that hope to see Ji Chang Wook and Park Shin Hye acting together. Yeah, his new drama 'Watch Out for this Woman' is looking for a female lead now. The best actor who has skill look and good personalilty. Beside jcw is a litle childlike and he likes someone younger but a girl with mature personalilty. I enjoyed the twist and turns of the story, I became more and more curious every episode that I spent my whole day just watching it. You got the whole package , everything seems natural about you . Best of luck to you healer hi jcw oppa you ara amazing daebak!!!!!!!!… continue reading »

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