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Originally constructed in the 14th century, it was rebuilt in the 1450s, much in the form that is seen today.

However the ashlar front, which gives the building a much more imposing impression, is merely a facade which was added in 1520; the structure itself is actually bricks and mortar, which given the date of construction makes it one of the oldest surviving brick structures in the country. with the two smaller arches to the side of the main one.

The tower at Lynn remained because it was considered to be a useful seamark by sailors entering the town, still being clearly visible on the town's skyline to this day.

The tower is informally referred to as 'the leaning tower of Lynn' as it leans dramatically to the west.

At its worst, the lean was 67.5 centimetres – which given its height of more than 28 metres is just over 1 degree.

This compares to 3.98 degrees on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Consequently, the chapel quickly became Lynn's second church by a comfortable margin.

It was not long before it was so popular that it launched pleas to become an independent parish from St Margaret's Church; in 1426 St Nicholas' Chapel had congregations of 1,400 – compared to 1,600 at St Margaret's.

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The arms of Charles II are above them – they were added 40 years later.It now houses the town's Tourist Information Office.Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII all such monasteries were demolished.Along with St Nicholas' church in Great Yarmouth, it was granted the honorific title of "minster" in 2011.

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The most serious damage to the church occurred in 1741, when a great storm destroyed the spires of St Margaret's church and St Nicholas' Chapel as well as St Margaret's central lantern.The Grade II listed facade of King's Lynn Corn Exchange, originally built in 1854, is a testimony to the glory of Victorian architecture.

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