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14-Jul-2017 11:13

So we sliced up the data, first by gender: what are men into that women aren’t, and vice versa?

The chart above compares what men and women like in bed.

We’ve been watching daters express a growing interest in bondage and rough sex over the past five years — members today are 23% more likely to say they’re BDSM than they were in 2013 — but we noticed a spike this past Valentine’s Day, the same weekend members those were.

Was everyone just as likely to be into BDSM, or were there pockets of members who were crazy about it, and others that found it a total turn-off?

"The Missing Kink" is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season and the 148th overall episode of the animated comedy series American Dad! It aired on Fox in the United States on April 14, 2013, and is written by Jeff Chiang and Eric Ziobrowski and directed by Pam Cooke and Valerie Fletcher.

In the episode, unsatisfied with missionary sex, Francine finds out she has a spanking fetish when Stan tries to punish Steve.

” 85% of respondents guessed less than half — officially confirming that nobody has any idea what’s hot in bed.

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So remember next time you’re itching for something not-so-vanilla, you’re in better company than you think.But for conservatives, this discrepancy doubles: conservative women are 17 percent less likely to report an interest in bondage than conservative men.

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