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21-Jul-2017 03:47

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While online dating services in the States (personally, I believe many young Americans aren't really sure what to look for in a partner and being impatient as usual, think spending money somehow helps solve this), things are a little different in Vietnam--in the big cities that is.Here, there are no dating services (at least none that my friends and I can spot), and young people still mostly meet the traditional way--through friends, school, family, work, and so on.Learning to speak emoticon For example, the "time out" smiley (formed by :-t characters) is used by some to actually mean "I am going to hammer you on the head".The "talk to the hand" and "bring it on" smileys (formed by =; and :/ , respectively) are sometimes used to mean "bye bye." And the "not worthy" sign ^:)^ is used to mean "po' tay", which is a trendy not-in-the-dictionary Vietnamese way to say "You are too much, I give up." Well, I did give up, not on love but on trying to decipher what each emoticon here means.Hien Nguyen, a 27-year-old newspaper reporter, told me the difference between dating in Vietnam now and just five years ago.

People over here have a thing for those cute little digital expressions.Fortunately, I asked Minh and others to do some translating, and I got some very important information.

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